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Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials

At Kalahi FMA Gear, we value our clients feedback and reviews. This further motivates us to improve our products and to maintain those which are already in place. The end goal here is to satisfy our clients with their purchase by providing good service and good quality products.

If you bought a product from Kalahi FMA Gear, we want to hear your Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials . You may send us a chat message or an email so we can properly acknowledge and thank you for your review . 

Reviews of kalahicustomblades.com
Reviews of kalahicustomblades.com
Reviews of kalahicustomblades.com
Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials


San Diego, CA, USA

April 19, 2020

Kalahi Custom Blades provides fully functional swords, with an organic artisan build unrivaled in this industry.  

I bought the Ginunting, then the Panabas. The visual of the beautiful crafted wood scabbards and handles, is very striking. Great weight and balance, you can feel the striking point as an extension of the body.  Only when they are in your hand, will you realize the artistry that goes into these beautiful pieces of art and will handle any situation that may arise.

Kalahi is a rare Diamond in this Industry where you have Functionality, Artistry, backed by a Master Practitioner of FMA in PM Allan Fami.

I most certainly will be a return buyer!

Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials

Carlo S.

Massachusettes, USA

June 22, 2018

I received my Ginunting today and was happy about it. Good quality and great product. I am planning to order some more and will let you know once I have decided what for the quote.

Thank you very much and pleasure doing business with you.

Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials

Gerald Villaflores 

 San Francisco, California USA 

July 24th 2017

Back in May of 2017 I messaged Kalahi Customs about ordering 2 ginunting blades. One Tactical Ginunting and one custom Ginunting knife with my initials. I planned to visit the Philippines and also planned to visit Kalahi Customs to pick up the blades. They were very helpful and responsive to every question I had regarding the blades. When I finally visited the Philippines I planned to visit their shop in Caloocan. Sir Allan was very helpful in guiding me to their shop. The blades I ordered came out flawless. The craftsmanship and detail of both blades are awesome. I will definitely come back to them for more blades. 

Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials

Brian Carlos Sanchez 
Author of  The Antient Arcane Antediluvian Rite and  
The Book of Ushumenti: the Way of the Noble Serpent
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

I found Kalahi Custom Blades while looking for a blade manufacturer that could make my custom sword design a reality, but at a reasonable price. It was impossible to find one here in the United States, so I looked outside. And wouldn't you know it? I found a professional, quality sword maker at the country of my birth (I was born in Manila, Philippines, but have lived in the United States since i was three years old). Communication with Kalahi Custom Blades was easy — with a simple email, I was able to send them my blueprints in EPS format (the industry standard vector graphics file). Knowing already that they prefer higher end graphics files already gave me the impression that these guys know their stuff, and are up to speed when it comes to modern technology and communication. My sword design was my baby — it was like giving up my child to a babysitter, hoping that the baby will be taken care of well. Kalahi Custom Blades reassured me that I had nothing to worry about, and their bladesmith will be able to replicate my designs on paper into a true-to-life practical use sword.

In just a few weeks, Kalahi Custom Blades was able to create two working swords based on my initial designs. They did more than meet my expectations, but exceeded them. The quality of the wood was superb, as well as the laser engraving. The blade itself was of high quality steel. Customer service was fantastic, and shipping was fast and affordable. When the sword arrived, it was a beast to behold!

I am grateful for having found Kalahi Custom Blades, and honored to have a Philippine manufacture of such top quality make my "Sword of Light" a reality. Thank you.  Maraming Salamat!

Darren G. Tibon 

Stockton California, USA  

December 3, 2013

My students gave me a sword and dagger set from this company i have to say it is probably one of the best quality sets i ever seen and now own thanks again to my students of Angels Disciples Stockton and affiliates and the fine workmanship of Kalahi Custom Blades!!! 

Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials

Paul Anthony Reynes

Cebu City Philippines , June 13, 2014

I bought their custom made bastard sword. Though It took longer than 3 weeks. It was worth the wait. Good steel and quality craftsmanship.


High Threat Protection Specialist
Northern Iraq, June 17,2014

Thank you for the Tactical Barong, I just purchased. It is not often that I find great workmanship and quality in these type of blades. The Tactical Barong surpasses my expetations. The quality of the wood and Blade material is outstanding. I will most definitely be purchasing more blades from you in the future. Take care.

Kalahi Custom Blades Reviews and Testimonials

Johnathan Casiemero

                                                                                                       Negros Kali International, 

May 7, 2014

Had the opportunity to stumble KCB’s Facebook page while looking for swords to train with, I already have an Espada y Daga set (purchased from a different seller), but still wish to have more swords to use. As a first time buyer, I do have doubts if this company is legit, but based on their client’s reviews, I have to take the risk. I sent them a picture of what sword that I liked and have some little discussions concerning the product.

Initial Impressions
My sword came a little bit late (honestly, but I shrug that off since this is not their fault) Came in a tall cardboard box, wrapped in delivery company’s packaging tape. Inside is my sword in cased in bubble wrap plastic. What surprised me is the scabbard; they actually made me a kamagong scabbard! From the agreed price, I wasn’t expecting one; I thought I’m going to have the lame synthetic leather one.

The Blade: Pure 21 inches length of Carbon Steel Goodness, probably 1.5 inch width and the thickness? GOOD (Hey, I’m satisfied with my sword; I don’t care about exact measurements if I’m smiling here) Miss Karen was concerned that It would be high maintenance, but they actually placed the fun in cleaning, I could actually feel the dents of the hammer blows as my cloth slides across the steel, I could actually do this all day. I requested that this would be blunt, but KCB brought my expectations to the extreme, unlike my first Espada y Daga set where as if they just pass a metal file for a “fake” edge, KCB actually grinded the edge, making other spectators to double-take a look at my weapon 

Handle Length: 8 Inches (built for two-handed wielding) smooth kamagong handle with a heavy pommel

Guard/Quillon: I didn’t mention this to Miss Karen when I ordered, but I should say it is way thicker than my Espada y Daga’s which is a big plus 

Scabbard: Made from Kamagong, An inch longer than my blade. I can easily unsheathe with little effort, but has a firm grip that whenever held upside-down, the sword won’t loosely come off, comes with (leather?) belt slot and handle flaps which is I have to say that the tacks are really sturdy despite from continous locking-and-unlocking 

Handling Characteristics
The sword still has the Philippine Ginunting “Feel” to it despite the modifications of handle length. The sword is heavy for someone like me that has a small built, but I have been training with my Kamagong Baston so that is of no concern.

Overall, I am Happy with my new “toy”, and been playing with it for days. I can’t see why some of their customers are not happy. It would even take me a while to think of migrating to a new sword. And they would be expecting an order of a Daga to pair for this baby. I’m naming this sword Turtle Fang

The Bottom Line
I would recommend this to my Filipino Martial Arts Group (Negros Kali International) and even to FMA and sword enthusiasts.



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