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Arnis Stick Bags and Uniform

Aside from the Training blades and Body Protectors, KALAHI FMA GEAR also manufactures tough quality

Arnis Stick Bags  for FMA practitioners. We offer wide selection of bags that can be used by FMAers from the 

most basic to the fully packed bags for every body's requirement. All our bags are hand sewn, all materials 

are tested to be durable and will be used for many years. 


FABRIC - Tear resistant imported fabrics designated for military bags , water repellent and made by skilled  bag sewers

                    FMA     Back Pack                                                                                  

FMA  Training Back Pack -USD 60                              This is the  latest design  of our  Training bag
Height : 30 inches   (can   accommodate    30"  Arnis sticks
Width  :    8  inches      Opening  :  12 inches
It can also  be used    for   Camping,   Back packing   and mountaineering     .     
Made  of  durable,   tear  resistance   fabric, water repellent

           Carry All Training  Bag                                                                                                                        

Price: USD $ 60

This bag can carry as much as training weapons that you want, it has many pockets to put on your valuables plus a cool hand carry for easy handling.

Available in Black, Olive Green, Camouflage, Khaki

Made of  durable tear resistance fabric. 

           Stick  Bag                                                                                                                                                          


Pack your basic training gear  with this multi carry stick bag. With a shoulder strap that allows easy carry. 3 outside pockets available in camouflage, black and olive green.

Made of  durable tear resistance fabric. 

         Roll bag                                                                                                                                                                       

Kalahi Arnis FMA Roll bag
Kalahi Arnis FMA Roll bag
Kalahi Arnis FMA Roll bag


Be cool with this improved Roll bag design. Your traditional FMA bag with  added features such as a secret  pocket at the back for easy drawing of weapons. 

Made of  durable tear resistance fabric. 

                       Draw String bag                                                                                                              


Carry your Arnis with its carry case and your other training weapons and uniform inside this bag.

It can carry uniform or training/changing clothes and your basic training weapons.