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Looking for a Durable Sparring Sticks?

Posted by Karen Fami on April 8, 2020 at 3:10 PM

        Who doesn't want a tough padded sticks? Everybody wants one , right?. For many years, Arnisadors  lived up with padded sticks that break almost break in an instant , and if  lucky enough, some would endure an average of 3  three round fights in Arnis tournaments. This has been going on for many years so we at Kalahi ,kept on finding ways to give a solution to this problem.

Normal padded sticks are made of  rattan core encased in a polyurethane foam. Rattan sticks due to its thin size and wooden characteristics would not last long specially on tournaments. Based on experience, an average of 30 pieces to 40 pieces padded sticks are broken in a National tournament with an average of  200 players. This is very costly to tournament organizers given the fact that regular  padded sticks cost Php 200 to Php 250 per piece.

In 2019,  Kalahi FMA Gear has began testing different polymer cores for padded sticks. We sponsored atleast 3 tournaments to test our padded. Different  materials were tested until we came up with the final one to be used for tournaments.
The basic features of Kalahi padded sticks are the following: Not flexing,  light weight, high dense foam, shatter free. This will  save a lot of money for tournament organizers and sponsors as there won't be sticks breaking on stick fights. To get our Padded sticks, they are available online at Ebay, Lazada and in our Website.

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